8 Rural Schools, 2000 People

While we set out to validate the problem and come up with our solutions, we transformed lives by bringing computer literacy to people that didn't even know what a computer was! The results were heartwarming and simply amazing!

This Kid Learned to use a
computer in Less than 10 minutes!

We filmed many more that learned basic computer literacy in no time at all.

From Where It all Started

Rajkiya Madhyamik Vidhyalaya 
Nana(Pali), Rajasthan, India

The initial goal was to see how long it would take for children to learn basic computer functions.

The very first school the bern team visited was was built in Nana, Rajasthan, India; the ancestral hometown of the Cofounder, Shlok Joshi.

 Having about three hundred pupils at that time, we knew it was just the beginning. The motivation and shift in mindset we got 

and the countless pivots we went through 

took us to the place we are now.

We have Successful validation with

over two thousand of users.